(Chicago, IL- Saturday, August 6th, 2016)

The Chicago Bliss loss in Seattle was a wakeup call for the organization. It was a cold reality check that made the team realize they had a long way to go if they wanted stay among the elite of the LFL. They knew they were a young team with not much experience battling the veteran teams like the Mist.

But if the loss against the Mist was a reality check, then their past two games were a preview to the future. The Bliss have dominated their opposition. They’ve outscored their past two opponents 136-7. Putting them right back into the thick of things for the LFL playoff race.

Now there’s one game left in the regular season which is a home game against Atlanta. Compared to Ohama and New England, the Steam are a much more competitive team. So this will be a real good test to see where the Bliss are at, to see determine if they’re still the best team in the East like they’ve been the past three seasons.

The Bliss have been playing astounding on both sides of the field in their past two games. The offense has been efficient as it’s ever been with the quarterback play of Jacinda Barclay. She’s moving the offense down the field without any critical mistakes. Her weapons at receiver have really stepped up. Rookie AJ Johnson has emerged as the favorite target, making big time plays game in and game out. The rook has stepped up and became a leader in the locker room.

Speaking of leaders another standout has become a vital piece of their recent success. This player is on the defensive side and she’s really making life difficult for opposing wide receivers. Chabria Survillion, who plays cornerback has been playing nothing less than dominate of late. She picked off two passes in the beat down of Ohama, one for a pick six.

Survillion has been a major part of the suffocating and ball-hawking pass coverage of the Bliss. The play of Dominque Collins and Tamar Fennell won’t go unnoticed, which makes this defensive backfield easily the best in the league. Survillion has really stepped her game up this season, as she’s been a shutdown corner.

She displayed her ball hawking skills all over the field against Ohama. It seemed as if she was where the ball was at on every down. Survillion who is considered to be undersized is driven by her naysayers. “People say I’m too little, this is my opportunity to prove myself. It was just the competitive instinct. I like the attention. I like playing defense”.

When asked if she considered herself as a new leader for the team, she couldn’t say. Her reasoning for that was the believe that everyone on the team is a leader.

“I can’t single out anybody. The rookie AJ Johnson, ChrisDell she gets us hyped up like we’re ready for war, Kristen the linebacker, and our cornerback Dominique. We all motivate each other.” Chabria is looking forward to the Atlanta matchup because she knows it’s going to be a measuring stick of how far the Bliss have come since Week 1. “I consider Atlanta playoff championship football. I truly believe we’ve come a long way since the Seattle game.”

To make the Atlanta-Chicago tilt more interesting Nneka Nwani, former Bliss defensive end, recently joined the Steam. Nneka’s tenure in Chicago didn’t end on good terms. It would be easy to assume that she will be looking for revenge in Saturday’s showdown at Toyota Park. Bliss coach Keith Hac commented on the return of his former player. Saying that although some players on the team are fired up about playing against her, it’s still just another game.

“It doesn’t change the game plan at all, game planning against her is not a concern. She’s a non-factor,” said coach Hac. Like Survillion, coach Hac was more concerned about the overall skill level of Atlanta. “Psychologically it’s a big game. If they can’t beat us it looks bad. We want to continue our dominance against them. It’s a bigger game for them then us”.

Coach Hac also defended Atlanta by saying they wouldn’t have loss to L.A. if they had their complete roster “As long they would of had Britney (Demery) and CoCo Montgomery they would have beat L.A.. I can guarantee they would have won.”

Fans should expect a lot of intensity, animosity, and simply a good game tonight.