8-25-12 Regina at BC 1345-L

BC Angels Cornerback Sara Brady Embodies the Spirit of the LFL, LFL360.com, Mark Staffieri

LFL360.com, Mark Staffieri

Despite missing the entire LFL Canada regular season due to injury, Sara Brady has the heart of a lion. The 5’3” cornerback is a true team player and provided tremendous support during the season. Her determination and loyalty to her team exemplified the spirit of sportsmanship that is one of the LFL’s hallmarks.

In being part of the BC Angels, Brady found herself becoming a local sports hero. “I have been recognized a few times…it is definitely a neat experience when people know who you are!”
Brady was part of the Lingerie Bowl Canada championship squad, and the title is a point of pride for her. “This meant everything to me and our team. Words cannot describe the feelings and emotions that I was experiencing. We worked so hard and losing was not an option. I could go on and on…”

Brady was joined by LFL Canada Mortaza Award winner Katie Marshall on Granville Street in Vancouver (in their Angels uniforms) campaigning for PETA. The two bravely weathered the elements with signs that stated “Tackle Cruelty, Bench Fur.”

Reaction among citizens varied. “Some people were super supportive, some had some not so nice words to say, and there were a few that didn’t really care either way but just wanted pictures with us!”

The movement for PETA is one that is very close to Brady’s heart. “I am a huge animal lover, and I follow many rescues and animal rights groups. I have many rescue dogs, so I can relate to PETA’s messages.” She went on, “I can’t thank PETA enough for saving so many animals and educating people on some of the horrors that go on in this world. Sometimes they are a bit extreme, but they mean well. I wish I could do more to help. Posing to voice my opinion regarding fur was perfect for me and something I have wanted to do for a long time.”

Being a part of the 2012 Pacific Cup was very exciting for Brady, not only because it was the first interleague game in LFL history, but also because it was her first game back from injury. “It was amazing!!! I injured myself the week prior to our home opener, and I missed the entire season, so to be able to step onto the field and hear my teammates chant ‘Rudy!’ was better than I ever imagined. The energy was unreal, and it was such an exciting game.”

Despite the Seattle Mist emerging as the victors, Brady believes that the Pacific Cup has the potential to be one of the great annual events in the LFL, “Oh for sure! It was a huge success, so much fun, and it is a great rivalry. Not only is it two teams battling it out, but it’s also about representing your country! It doesn’t get much bigger than that!”

LFL Canada kicks off again this September, and it’s sure to be another monumental season for both the league and its many young players.