2018 Pre-Season Power Rankings


One more year of maturity in the game as well as becoming the hardest-working QB this off-season, Dakota Hughes cements Atlanta at No.1. The loss of two-way star Adrian Purnell will hurt, however, the free-agent signing of ChrisDell ‘Ferrari’ Harris from Chicago will soften the blow and it weakens Atlanta’s rival. Dina Wojowski will need to step into a leadership role on and off the field, leading a strong nucleus of 2nd year players like Citrece Fox-Birdwell and Jessica Salazar.


Jayne Caldwell will once again prove to be Chicago’s ‘Ride or Die’, in 2017, the offense died under Caldwell. An offense that struggled will be dealt an even bigger blow with the losses of AJ Johnson and long-time running back ChrisDell ‘Ferrari’ Harris. On a very positive note, Chicago has perhaps the best defense in LFL history, led by MLB Kristin Morrison and a burgeoning star in DE Marisa Golladay. The addition of long-time WR / S Theresa Petruziello will help on both sides of the ball.


Typically expansion franchises come into a season ranked at the bottom of league Power Rankings. However, when you pillage another roster, i.e. the Legends Cup champion Seattle Mist roster, to include Jade Randle, Danielle Hawkins, Dominique Malloy, KK Matheny and Stevie Schnor, well that makes you a contender. The concern will be the leadership of a rookie head coach in Danika Brace, however, it appears Seattle’s former coach Chris Michaelson has also jumped ship in now holding a leadership / coaching post with the Knights.


What would an LA Temptation season be without QB Ashley Salerno having off-field issues. Salerno has been ruled out for the season-opener and the signal-caller reigns now go over to the inconsistent at best, Kiarra Patterson. LA does boast of a strong running game with the ‘F-150’ Carmen Bourseau returning as well as Nas Johnson. The question will be a lack of depth or skill at the WR position, with fan-favorite Cynthia Schmidt’s return in doubt, 2nd year WR Malissa Miles will have to step up. Defensively, there is a lot of potential but the secondary continues to be LA’s achilles heel.


Despite the loss of the franchise’s first head coach and all of its key veterans, there is optimism in the Pacific Northwest. Including perhaps the most important move of the off-season, in retaining QB Michelle Angel with the loss of KK Matheny. Angel led the league in passing just two years ago. Seattle will have size and raw athletic ability, the question will be its rookie head coach Eric Bellamy. An early test on May 19 at home against the Nashville Knights i.e. Seattle Mist v.2017, will quickly tell us where this franchise is.


Now headed into its 2nd season under the leadership of Mike Olvera and the third-season under center for QB Teshay Winfrey, Austin will have to finally pay dividends for its win-hungry fans. A great off-season of recruiting has brought in much needed size and athleticism. The lack of a power-back will hurt an otherwise high-powered offense. Olvera runs one of the most complex schemes and should see some success in a weakened Western Conference.


Potentially a train-wreck waiting to happen as questionable personnel moves and coach realignment could prove to be disastrous in 2018. The loss of QB Alex Drake to injury for some reason caused the coaching staff to move potentially an All-Fantasy DE in Jaqueline Good to QB, where she is a fish out of water, lacking the fundamentals, arm strength, mobility or experience. To make matters worse, moving a solid defensive coordinator in Kale Good to offensive coordinator. This franchise could be fighting not only for its 2018 life, but the life of a franchise with multiple seasons of producing a very poor football product. Only good news, the Heart have the league’s easiest schedule.


Denver could easily overtake Omaha for the seventh spot and maybe even challenge Austin and Seattle. This Denver squad is that much improved from the 2017 horror show, a team that gave up on average 100 points and managed (1) one touchdown in 4 games. The question will be the physical conditioning of QB Mary Towner, who has struggled to play in shape. A surprise could be the production of Lindsey Fields who has been moved from TE to RB, as well as a host of potential impact rookies on both sides of the ball.