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2013 SEASON TO INCLUDE BEST ROOKIE CLASS IN HISTORY,, Marcus de la Fuente, Marcus de la Fuente

(Las Vegas, NV. – Monday, February 18, 2013) The offseason leading up to the 2013 LFL season has included a spike of nearly 50% higher tryout attendance than any previous off-season, highlighted by over 400 women attending the open tryout in Atlanta. As the visibility of the league has grown globally, its roots are firmly planted in the US for 2013 and beyond.

LFL rookie classes making an impact and in some cases dethroning veterans occurred in each of the LFL’s previous seasons. Each of the last two season’s League MVPs were rookies in Heather Furr (2010) and Kyle DeHaven (2011). In fact, the level of talent has improved so greatly each season that several All-Fantasy (All-Star) players from the previous season did not make their respective rosters in 2010 and 2011.

Following his annual Training Camp Tour of the entire LFL USA, last week, LFL Founder & Commissioner sent out the following Facebook message to all US teams, “This is our best Rookie Class in LFL history…So many great athletes with an incredible focus, drive, passion, love and appreciation for the game and opportunity.”

Perhaps the biggest difference in this 2013 class, and what Commissioner Mortaza was alluding to in his message, is that this is a much more focused, determined and appreciative group of teams with offseason workouts never having been this intense. Even the two expansion franchises, the Omaha Heart and Atlanta Steam, have been vigorously training, perhaps more so than several veteran franchises.

So while the LFL is returning its entire arsenal of marquis veterans, here is a list of the next set of players that will take the stage during the 2013 season and perhaps dethrone some current stars:

Seattle Mist
Shuree Hyatt – RB/TE
Mele Rich – CB/RB

Vegas Sin
Carmen Bourseau – RB
Kelly Schroeder – WR

LA Temptation
Alexandria Ludwig – C/DL
Jesica Abraguin – WR/S

Alli Alberts – WR/S
Alisha Linstrom – WR/S

Green Bay
Stephanie “Lil’ Bear” Ponzer – WR/PR
Anna Heasman – CB/WR

Minnesota Valkyrie
Laurie Jo Miller – LB
Maria Rye – LB/RB

Cleveland Crush
Micaela Minner – QB/LB
Tia Knipper – QB/FS

Philadelphia Passion
Maegan Larsen – QB
Courtney Larsen – WR

Baltimore Charm
Tiana “TC” Mesta DL/TE/RB
Julie Olsen DL/TE

Jacksonville Breeze
Amber Barrick
Dina Karwoski

Omaha Heart
Morgan Anderson – CB
Rayna Berryman – RB

Atlanta Steam
Brittany Morgan – QB
Nasira Johnson – RB

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