On July 30, 2011, the Lingerie Football League ascends north of the border, as the very best athletes descend on Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, ON for the 2011 All-Fantasy Game.

The 2011 All-Fantasy Game marks the historic premiere of LFL football in Canada, featuring offensive star quarterbacks Anonka Dixon (Miami Caliente) and Ashley Salerno (Los Angeles Temptation), running backs Marirose Roach (Philadelphia Passion) and Tamica Estrella (San Diego Seduction) wide receivers Jennifer Kraus (Orlando Fantasy) and Heather Furr (Chicago Bliss) and tight end stand-outs Saige Steinmetz (Tampa Breeze) and Danika Brace (Seattle Mist).

Key Matchup: Anonka Dixon (MIA) versus Ashley Salerno (LA)

Anonka Dixon is one of the LFL’s premier athletes, boasting superior agility, athleticism and acceleration that will pose a serious challenge to the Western Conference defense. Comparable to NFL star Michael Vick, Dixon also possesses an accurate arm, quick decision-making skills and an unpredictable zeal for risk and improvisation when needed.

Dixon will have to navigate a Western Conference defense with the likes of defensive lineman Audrey Latsko (San Diego Seduction), linebacker Danielle Hawkins (Dallas Desire) cornerback Kendriqua Johnson (Dallas Desire) and
safety, 2011 LFL MVP, Heather Furr (Chicago Bliss). The size and speed of this defense will present multiple challenges for the Eastern Conference starter, shutting down pocket escape routes, disrupting short and medium passing lanes as well as possessing the gifted ability to blitz with short notice.

If Dixon can benefit from adequate pass protection or can use her quickness to evade approaching pass rushers, she may be able to utilize the size advantage of her receiving corps, namely Taylor Thompson (Miami Caliente) and Jenny Kraus (Orlando Fantasy) to pummel the Western Conference secondary, force the linebackers to play more conservatively and open up more options for the multi-dimensional talent.

Ashley Salerno (Los Angeles Temptation), the 2011 Lingerie Bowl MVP, is a gifted passer, who, if allowed time in the pocket, will likely pick apart the Eastern Conference secondary with needle-like precision. Like NFL star Drew Brees, Salerno is nimble in the pocket, eluding would- be tacklers when necessary and possesses the ability to scramble for positive yardage or make a big play downfield.

Salerno will have to evade a mobile defensive line, anchored by Saige Steinmetz (Tampa Breeze) and JJ Thacker (Orlando Fantasy), versatile linebacker Taira Turley (Miami Caliente), cornerback Jaleesa McCrary (Philadelphia Passion) and heavy-hitting former LFL Defensive Player of the Year Liz Gorman (Tampa Breeze) to have success. Salerno may have difficulty throwing the deep ball too often, as the opportunistic Eastern Conference secondary is quite skilled at intimidating wide receivers and intercepting even the best thrown passes.To be successful, Salerno may have to roll out of the pocket and take what the defense allows until any schematic flaws surface.

The 2011 All-Fantasy Game bears witness to the intensity, passion, athleticism and beauty that is turning the Lingerie Football League into one of the fastest growing sports entertainment properties in the world.

ARENA: Copps Coliseum (Hamilton, Ontario – Artificial Turf)

INJURIES: Krista Ford MLB (Broken Ankle – OUT)

2010 RESULT: East 36 West 14

BETTING LINE: East –6 Over|Under 48.5