Lambiris 4


(LAS VEGAS, NV. – Thursday, September 19) Legends Football League Canada (or ‘LFL Canada’) officials have announced Saskatoon Sirens head coach Chris Lambiris and his staff have been released, effective immediately.

League officials report the reasoning for the release was due in part to Lambiris spear-heading an effort to have his team walk-out on the 2013 season because it was announced that the season would be condensed season as the league did not want to put a product on the field that was less than LFL caliber football. The condensing of the season was primarily led by feedback from all four LFL Canada coaches who stressed their concern as to the readiness of their team, including Lambiris.

“This is certainly disappointing as we had high expectations for Chris and his staff. However, we as an organization will never be dictated to or have ultimatums placed upon us. We wish Chris and his staff all the best and look forward to a successful return to Saskatoon in 2014,” said Mitchell S. Mortaza, Chairman, LFL Global.

The only other incident of a team placing an ultimatum on the league was in 2011 when a group of Toronto Triumph players demanded the league hire back an assistant coach that was fired by the Toronto head coach. Those players were immediately released despite a game being scheduled the following week. No matter what the short-term ramifications, the league has demonstrated it will stay true to its principles in making decisions that are focused around the long-term growth of the sport.

Lambiris had coached in Saskatoon since the franchise’s inception, having lost in the 2012 Lingerie Bowl despite a roster primarily consisting of US free-agents versus a Canadian led BC Angels squad. The dismissal was also due to the league’s concern as to Lambiris’ ability to develop the Canadian player base as the vast majority of their success came from the US free agents vs other LFL Canada franchises which have developed its Canadian player base.