Heading into the inaugural Lingerie Bowl Canada, Saskatoon Sirens player Casey Simpson has been a key role player in their 3-1 season. Simpson does the small things that do not make the highlight reel but are a key to the team’s success. Giving a block at the right time or taking a hit so that another player can gain a few extra yards, she aims to always give her team a chance to win.

Simpson is a nominee for the Mortaza Award, named after league commissioner Mitch Mortaza. “It is a compliment that I am accepting graciously to be a nominee for the Mortaza Award. To be picked as a nominee amongst lots of talented, determined athletes is an honor.” Simpson continued, “I was unaware of what the award stood for at first, and after I was notified it had to do with dedication to the league and promotional heart to the game I was flattered.”

Statistically, Simpson appeared in all four contests during Saskatoon’s season and logged 28 yards rushing, and 11 yards receiving. Defensively, she had 3 solo tackles and forced 1 fumble. A versatile player who is as adept contributing to the offense as she is on defense, Simpson is one of the unsung heroes of the squad. “I do see myself in a role of leadership on the team, mostly because of my competitiveness. Whether it is doing drills or chalk talk, I try to challenge my teammates to push harder with encouragement or by example.”

An accomplished athlete, Simpson has developed as a great asset for the Sirens roster. “I have always been an athlete right from day one. Growing up I played every sport I could possibly fit into my schedule. Hockey, softball, volleyball, badminton, track, I did it all. Hockey and softball were my choice sports however. I played guys’ hockey all throughout high school then started AA women’s hockey.”

Before assuming the role of gridiron hero, Simpson was a prolific softball player. She was a member of the Saskatchewan provincial team. “When it came down to it I chose softball as my number one sport and used it as an educational tool going on full ride scholarship in the United States.”

Simpson started at the Western Nebraska Community College (NJCAA level) and then transferred to Southeastern Louisiana University (NCAA Division I). “After playing many years of softball I decided this past summer was my last year, and then football came up! I always have to be involved in some sort of sports team!”

A point of pride for Simpson is the role of hometown hero that comes with playing for the Sirens. “It is absolutely a thrill being known as almost a local ‘celebrity’. I take it with the up-most pride and dignity that I am a part of such a great team and league that represents female athleticism.”

During her season with the Sirens, she was quick to notice the growing rivalry with the Regina Rage. The second contest of the Saskatchewan Bowl series stood out as a key event. “The highlight of my season was winning the second game against Regina.” Saskatoon prevailed in the October 21 match by a 35-33 score. “The intensity of that game was crazy! Just coming off with the win in that game was the greatest feeling, and just knowing that we set our own future to go to the bowl game.”

The Sirens opponents in the big game will be the 2-2 BC Angels. In their only meeting of the season, Saskatoon bested them by a 22-18 tally. In analyzing what it will take to win Lingerie Bowl Canada, Simpson stated, “Right now is what is determining how that game is going to go. We are all putting in great amounts of time and effort to get to where we need to be come game day. Hard practicing with the team, plus our own personal training on the side will help us physically.”

She concluded by mentioning, “Mentally, we all are going to have to adjust to the shock of being in the first ever Lingerie Bowl in Canada. Lots of preparation before hand and then pure concentration and desire come game day will get us to hopefully claim the title.