Candace Friesen Ready To Bring A Leadership Role To Saskatoon Sirens Second Season

By Mark Staffieri

One of the unsung heroes on the Sirens, Candace Friesen is the team’s center and an invaluable component to its offensive attack. As one of the returning veterans for the Sirens second season, Friesen is looking forward to another strong performance.

With some of the most loyal fans in LFL Canada, Friesen wants to ensure that the on-field product is one worth watching. Having contributed to a Sirens squad that claimed the regular season championship in 2012, she understands what it takes to win and her experience may just provide the franchise with its desired results this season.

Friesen has already made some significant commitments in the off-season. From helping out with numerous fund raisers in the community, to beefing up her already intense workout, she is setting an example for the new faces on the Sirens to follow.

While every player has their own unique stories as to how they first got involved with the game, Friesen’s actually came at the urging of some fellow acquaintances in the gym. “Friends I was working out with at the time (had) seen the advertisements for the first tryout, and encouraged me to go out for the team. I tried out and fell in love with this sport.”

Tough and enduring, her work ethic sets a positive tone that just makes the others around the team want to suit up and have a great game. She is truly the Sirens’ lunch pail worker. Having had the chance to reflect on the previous season, it is her teammates and the new friendships forged which stood out as the most enjoyable aspect of her season.

“As the season wore on, we just kept getting closer and closer. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime through the Sirens.”
While Friesen’s position on the offense means that she does not accumulate touchdowns or gain yardage, she is just one of those players that makes it harder to win without. Her team-first approach and outlook has made her a valued leader since the Sirens inaugural season. Having never missed a game with the franchise, she is one of the true iron ladies of LFL Canada.

“I was one of the team captains last season and had a leadership role with that squad of ladies. This year, I am continuing on with that.”

For the 5’8” center, she wants to ensure that the proud franchise retains its strong momentum from 2012 while working towards a 2013 season that shall culminate in a glorious finish. While the 2012 Sirens saw superlative contributions from US stars, she believes that a stronger performance from the Canadian players will be the final piece of the championship puzzle.

“All of our Canadian players need to bring their A-game. Yet, we also need to step up past the supporting role we had for the American players last year.

So, on walk through and game day, we all need to make sure we are on the same page and be able to adapt to any changes that are required with the addition of new players that are not practicing with us all week.”