(Las Vegas, NV. – April 12, 2011) – Lingerie Football League, LLC. (LFL) officials are excited to announce the league has officially gone international with 2011 expansion into Toronto. The LFL will premiere its Toronto franchise in Fall 2011 to compete in the Eastern Conference of its US league against the Cleveland Crush, Philadelphia Passion, Baltimore Charm, Tampa Breeze and Orlando Fantasy. Toronto is part of an aggressive five team expansion of the LFL which also includes 2011 markets of Cleveland, Las Vegas, Minnesota and Green Bay.

“It has been incredible journey over the first two seasons of LFL Football, our expansion into Toronto is the first step toward a more significant footprint of the LFL brand into Canada. Our game will translate well into a country that has a tremendous sports culture that not only understands football but is fanatical in its support”, said, Mitchell S. Mortaza, Founder & Chairman, Lingerie Football League, LLC.

A Canadian LFL league is set to begin play in September 2012 with a (12) twelve week season in (6) six markets, one of which will be Toronto. The Canadian markets currently being considered to play alongside Toronto include Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Montreal, BC, Hamilton and Ottawa.

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  1. stew69

    i’m not done yet, so let’s say the toronto secret’s(victoria secret),may not be to bad either.

  2. Kimmy

    Call them the “socialists!”

    Since they have miserable failing national health care in Canada, will the girls be able to opt out of LFL for that one game in Canada? Then if they get hurt, they can just go sit in the ER for 6 days and get seen for free? lol

  3. Kimmy

    Hope the girls are hotter than the ones here in America. Some Canadian girls are beautiful, and hopefully they have tanning salons in Canada, but if the LFL doesn’t get it together and STOP letting certain star players slide, who happen to be brutal looking (Phila) expect the canadian team to go out and draft female hockey players and women inmates. wHy not, certain teams here do it.

    LFL should be hot girls only. it used to be. when you have to use actors for your promos and tv shows, thats pretty bad.

  4. Andrea K

    Where and when are the tryouts! I have always wanted a Canadian team and want to go kick some butt out there!

  5. QBetty

    Come to Vancouver! We have beautiful and athletic females that can play football! Vancouver Vixens!!!!

  6. A-Baum

    Sign me up for seasons tickets first. The Toronto girls better worth the money. Why do they need the shoulder pads anyways. Take them off. It’s blocking our view if you get what I mean.

  7. A-Baum

    This is my third comment so far. They should be called the Toronto Thrill. you heard it first here.

  8. Randy McEwan

    Lifetime seats’d be easy to find someone to attend with . . . “Toronto Thrust” . . . See ya @ the game

  9. Shayne Ireland

    Yes Please have some hot women, noone wants to look at fuglies. I think this is an amazing idea,TORONTO TIGHTANS

  10. JareCanada

    The statement “Canadian Girls Kickass” comes to mind. I’m sure the LFL is a great condtioning program for our female hockey and lacrosse players! Not to mention that they’ll drink their U.S. opponents under the table! Go gettem’ girls!
    Names for the team:
    Toronto Dominants


    Yes Vancouver needs this team !!! And I agree with the other post Vancouver Vixxenz is an awesome name…Or BC BombShellz.. Go Team!!

  12. Cypress

    @Kimmy I think you may have CATARACTS because the Passion girls are not brutal looking at all!! Maybe you’re JEALOUS because you didn’t get picked to play or Maybe you just can’t PLAY the game for CRAP. Let me know if you need a doctor for your condition…HAHAHA :)

  13. bigjim&twins

    Toronto Tease no question. Should be a 5 yard penalty if no tops are pulled at least once per quarter.

  14. Bob

    We have qualified people to put together a team here in Winnipeg. If we can make money at it. Get Back to us. Bob

  15. nhoj.360

    Toronto Juggernauts, playful with a respectful nod to Toronto’s CFL team. “Toronto – Canada’s “Naut”y City”

  16. Seantastic

    We want a team in Montreal!! This league fits in with our party culture!

    Lonely Planet (BBC) named Montréal: Canada’s coolest city
    Edgy, unapologetic, seductive, nonconformist… these words often spring to mind when talking about Montréal. The city is Canada’s epicentre of fun and fabulousness, a cultural chameleon with a unique sense of style, jumping nightlife and amazing food. There is always something happening here – even on Sundays, when you can rock to the rhythm of the Tam Tams (a legendary weekly drumming festival) or groove to the hottest electro beats at Piknik Électronik (an outdoor dance party).

  17. Sarah

    yea i say toronto tease is def a good name or even toronto tornados or toronto tamales or toronto smokiin

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