(LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Wednesday, July 9, 2014)

Legends Football League officials announce a renewal of its national broadcast partnership with France’s Ma Chaine Sport, following a very successful first cycle of viewership of LFL, Football Night. The Paris, France based Ma Chaine Sport begun airing the LFL in 2013 as well as featuring the sport prominently across its channel. The broadcast deal was brokered by the LFL’s agency, TSA (formerly Total Sports Asia).

The new broadcast deal will be a multi-season agreement that will distribute the LFL nationally across France alongside other popular US sports including NCAA basketball and football. France is a key focus market for the LFL as it prepares to launch LFL Europa which will include a Paris, France based club.

“We understand the power of television, especially as it relates to building awareness of our sport in a market that will play a vital role in the premiere of LFL Europa. Ma Chaine Sport has been a great partner in distributing our sport nationally across France”, said Mitchell S. Mortaza, Chairman, LFL Global.

Ma Chaine Sport will be broadcasting LFL North America as well as LFL Australia matches in high-definition. The Ma Chaine Sports announcement follows two other major broadcaster deals that were announced last month in the UK (Premiere Sport) and Ireland (Setanta Sports) as part of increasing the sport’s visibility in Europe leading up to the launch of LFL Europa.

“Ma Chaine Sport is proud to have introduced France to LFL Football. We expect the sport to ascend in popularity not only in France but Europe”, said Nicolas Rotkoff – CEO, MCS TV.

About Ma Chaine Sport

Founded in 2007, Ma Chaine Sport (MCS) is a chain of independent sports, broadcast on cable, satellite and ADSL networks. Programming highlights and football broadcasts national and international competitions many other disciplines: basketball, volley-ball, handball, boxing, athletics, swimming, badminton, gymnastics, wrestling, poker. Ma Chaine Sport is part of MCS TV group which owns 3 other channels : MCS Extreme, MCS Bien-etre and MCS Tennis.