All the blood, sweat, and bruises through a relentless training camp and exhausting practices have brought the Toronto Triumph to this point…opening night. Saturday at 8pm in Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum history will be made as the Lingerie Football League laces up for the first ever regular season game north of the border.

These Gridiron Goddesses face a formidable opponent in the veteran Tampa Breeze who are trying to avoid falling to 0-2 on this young season.

The Triumph will look to strike quick as their greatest weapon could also be their biggest detriment – inexperience. Tampa cannot scout this new franchise because they have never actually played a down of football in the LFL. That means Toronto can use surprise and unpredictability to put the Breeze back on their heels. The negative is that the Triumph have only hit one another in scrimmages with really no idea how anyone will react when that first opposing crushing tackle is delivered.

“Tampa was missing a few key players in their loss last week.  I’m sure they think they can bounce back and pull off a win because they are playing the Canadian expansion team,” explains Toronto quarterback Donna Paul. She continued, “unfortunately for them, if we stick to our game plan and work together to execute our plays we will give them their second loss in as many weeks!”

Speaking of quarterbacks, there is still not a confirmed starting QB for Saturday. Both Donna Paul and Jennifer Mancini bring unique skill sets, therefore fans will not know until kickoff who will get the nod. Head coach Don Marchione hinted that we will see plenty of each in the club’s debut, “our offence will revolve around the talents of Donna and Jennifer.” Mancini also reminds viewers not to forget about the Triumph’s speedy and aggressive running back combination of #14 Tanja Reid-Madlock and #12 Christina Tsandelis.

Toronto’s defence has been trumpeted as fast, nasty, and unforgiving that has put in countless hours learning to read the variety of offensive looks that Tampa is sure to throw their way. “Alexandra ‘Animal’ Grant and Phylicia Daniels are punishing players that hit like Mac trucks. The D will be ready,” said Mancini.

Nerves under the bright lights and cheering crowd the team admits will initially be overwhelming. The question posed to three members of the Triumph was whether these ladies will be able to control those emotions and rise to the occasion:

Head Coach Don Marchione- “First game jitters will be a factor, but hopefully we will take all that energy and use it in a positive manner. The first hit will settle all nervousness”.

QB #10 Jennifer Mancini- “We’ve done all of the preparation required to play this game, the focus will fall into place naturally. The coaches and leaders of this team will be a big part in helping everyone keep focused and remain calm in between plays.

QB #16 Donna Paul- “Nerves are such an exciting part of athletics! We have all played competitive sports and will draw from that experience, but personally, I love getting the game day jitters.  That feeling lets me know that I’m alive and ready to attack!”

The athletes of Canada’s inaugural Lingerie Football League franchise are hungry for a victory and to prove to the world that ladies from the great white north can play football. “Stepping onto the field in our Triumph uniform for the first time, representing not only Toronto, but Canada as well is a big accomplishment not only for the LFL, but for ourselves,” remarked Mancini. “We’re not afraid coming in as a new team. For many of us, having this opportunity is a dream come true, especially with all of our friends, family, and fans supporting us on the sidelines.”