(LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Thursday, July 17, 2014)

Legends Football League Global (LFL Global) officials have announced a new global league structure that will take effect as of January 2015. Currently the LFL operates as a single-entity formation which wholly owns and operates LFL USA, LFL Canada, LFL Australia and soon LFL Europa.

The new structure will include LFL Americas which will encompass USA, Canada, Central America and Mexico clubs, LFL Oceania which will include Australia and New Zealand based clubs and LFL Europa which will include all European based clubs. Once every 4 years, (2) two clubs from LFL Americas, (1) one club from LFL Oceania and (1) one club from LFL Europa will all meet in a single elimination tournament.

“Our new model for global operations is part of several significant evolutions in our business model geared toward streamlining our business and football operations as we welcome for new investment, operational and media partners”, said Mitchell Mortaza, Chairman, LFL Global.

LFL officials are expected to announce Canada and Mexico based clubs to join LFL Americas in 2015 in the coming months. Following the conclusion of LFL USA’s current 5th Anniversary season, LFL Australia will kickoff its 2nd season with another first for LFL Global, each club will play an augmented season of (3) three home and (3) away games. The additional games added to the LFL Australia schedule are a direct reflection of the sport’s early success’ in Australia.

In support of LFL Global’s operational foot-print, an emphasis has been placed on key league territories such as Europe and South America, as a result multiple new broadcast deals have been signed in those territories with more television partners to come in Canada, Australia, Europe, USA and South America.

Another major shift in business practice for LFL Global is the LFL’s willingness to take on franchise owner(s) as well as partnerships with strategic sports and media investment groups to aid in the development and marketing of the now global sport.

LFL Global will assemble a board for the first time in league history in 2015 which will compromise of key executives from strategic investors and partners, headed by LFL Chairman Mitchell Mortaza. While Mortaza will remain on Chairman and CEO, a vast majority of business operations will be delegated to investment group members of the board and key sports/media executives as well as new internal executive hires. Mortaza will be focused on the overall growth of the sport globally and it strategic guidance.