Let’s be clear, Las Vegas Sin cornerback Tamica Estrella has a chip on her shoulder. She wants you to understand she’s not the nice girl and is pissed that the league isn’t recognizing her! Check out her points.

Point #1: The Last wo(Man) standing:

As the last Veteran standing on the newly formed Las Vegas Sin- that includes the seven All-Fantasy teams that went into camp with her. The league gave her a D rating from the running back position last season. That’s not her true position, it’s Corner Back like her idol, Deion Sanders. Tamica is fired up for her game Friday night against the Chicago Bliss.

Point #2: She outworks any other player in the LFL:

Last season ended prematurely for Estrella. A torn ACL in the last game against the season- Against the back-to-back LFL Champs, The Los Angles Temptation. But hard work paid off and Tamica was able to rehab in time to make it back for the All-Fantasy game last month.

Away from the field, Tamica is a personal trainer in San Diego (her company is named SheAthletica). Oh, she didn’t leave San Diego just because her team did, Tamica takes the greyhound from San Diego to Vegas every week for practice. She could’ve opted to join the Los Angeles Temptation like her roommate and ex-teammate Audrey Lasco but Tamica felt she had something to prove and going to the reining champs wouldn’t give her the opportunity to showcase her skill.

Point #3: The Difference:

Tamica said she’s some of the workout videos the other ladies are putting out. She thinks they’re great for the league. But she wants you to understand that there is a difference between “working out” and “training.” What she does is train. She’s even taken a group of ladies under her wing who want to tryout next year for the LFL.

Tamica said the vets of this league are blazing a trail that will benefit the girls around the country that are watching now dreaming about being a part of the league.

But right now, all she wants to do is prove why she feels that everybody needs to recognize her game. Watch her work on Friday night when the Las Vegas Sin take on the Chicago Bliss.