(SEATTLE, WA. – Wednesday, March 14) The Seattle Mist are like the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, seldom are their head coaching vacancies. After an eight-year era that saw Seattle win two Legends Cup championships under the guidance of Chris Michaelson, the franchise is naming only its second head coach in history. Eric Bellamy is no stranger to coaching women’s football, with previous experience in 11-on-11, Bellamy brings a wealth of coaching experience and passion to the office.

Despite coming off a Legends Cup championship in 2017, Michaelson and Jessica Hopkins retired, and a number of key veterans such as LaShaunda Fowler, Dominique Malloy, and Katie Whelan also parted ways. Most importantly, starting quarterback KK Matheny, running back Stevie Schnor, 2017 free-agents Jade Randle, Nicole Petersen, Danielle Hawkins and Michelle Angel signed with the expansion Nashville Knights, who is being coached now by former MIST linebacker Danika Brace.

To Bellamy’s credit, those departures would have taken the fight out of any coach, much less a first-year coach. Bellamy not only bounced back but has done something no other previous Seattle coaching staff has ever done effectively, which was to recruit actual Seattle-based athletes.

There will always be an asterisk placed next to the MIST championships because most LFL analysts believe those championships were won primarily with free-agent signings or the poaching of out of market talent versus developing athletes from within.

“Certainly there were a lot of pressures stepping into this job. Coach Michaelson has a tremendous legacy here in Seattle and those teams accomplished great milestones. However, that is all in the past and means little to nothing, nor does it matter which athletes left the organization. Our focus as a team is building a winner that is truly representative of this great city, with athletes that have loyalty to their team, city and most importantly this amazing fan base”, said Eric Bellamy, Head Coach, Seattle Mist.

Hollywood could not write a better script, as the Seattle Mist will open their 2018 season at home versus the Nashville Knights, who are led by Danika Brace and most of the 2017 MIST championship team. It will be interesting to see specifically how former MIST players Matheny and Schnor are received by the MISTFits. The social media reaction has been strongly negative toward Matheny and Schnor, with some fans considering them to be traitors.

“We could not be more proud of the job coach Bellamy has done in the toughest of conditions, with little to no support in the transition. Every franchise in every sport rebuilds at some point, Seattle is led by character and resolve under coach Bellamy, which will ultimately lead to winning. We at the LFL are committed to the city of Seattle, which we have called home since 2009”, said, Mitchell Mortaza, Managing Partner, Legends Football League (LFL).