Following a heated confrontation with a Dallas Desire coach during Mini-Camp, Dallas safety Toni Kelley was indefinitely suspended by Commissioner Mortaza. Following an investigation by the league and having met with all parties involved, Kelley was reinstated on Monday and will be allowed to join her team for Training Camp. Kelley was reinstated under a one year probationary period which would lead to being permanently banned if she violates her probation with any infraction.

Kelley issued the following statement:

“My recent actions have been incredibly selfish and disappointing. I truly apologize to the league, my coaches, my teammates and most importantly, our fans. Having lost my privilege to compete in the LFL was much like losing something you desperately love in life. Every action I take moving forward will be a direct reflection of my renewed focus and appreciation of the game.

I appreciate the kind messages I received from Desire fans during my suspension and I will reciprocate by being a great player on the field and even better citizen off the field”

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  1. Kenny

    I think disrespecting the coaches should not be forgiven. Especially when women are doing it to male coaches because you have that sexist-harrassment-false allegation situation that can really lead to bad things for a makle coach. Just my opinion. At least Dallas has a somewhat attractive team. I think Miami-Chicago Phila and LA are the teams to beat this year and whoever has the best downfield passing game, and not that screen slant junk, will win it all. I am really disappointed by the leagues lowering of standards though on looks as Baltimore and Orlando looks like they recruited players out of a drug addiction treatment center and battered womens shelter. There should be a size and weight limit in the league too as some of these queens are huge.

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