LFL expansion team the Baltimore Charm have formally released their list of drafted rookies from last weekend’s Football Combine tryout. They include a couple possible franchise quarterbacks and a lot of defensive talent. The Charm also announced their head coach, Rick Reeder.

Congrats to the drafted Rookies and Coach Reeder.


Lauren Lewis Rachel Kagay Samantha Allen Kelly Campbell
Crystal Keys Erin Maywell Brittany Tegeler Teresa Watson
Sharon Bowen Carol King Erin Long Christina Sheckells
Megan Neas Cameron Jurkowsky Shay Cola Noelle Fooks
Chantelle Ringgold Kiera Somers Jennie Tai Steffi Thompson
Angela Mattheu Sarah Keys Priscilla Noel Jessica Grey

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  1. ZPHI

    When T. Watson has the ball its a done deal…She is too fast. She will lay her blood sweat and tears on the field. Catch her if you can…stamped!

  2. Dave from NY

    Sam Allen will have a monster year!!! She has all the qualities size speed strength and determination!!

  3. John from SD

    Samantha Allen can has the athletic ability to play any position on the field. Add to that the heart, maturity, mental and physical toughness that’s so hard to come by, and you have a future MVP in the making!

  4. Leo West

    Carol King is a powerful athlete, I have seen her on the track a few years ago…. This team must have real quality!!


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