Congratulations to the 2010 Tampa Breeze draft picks.

Bryn Rendo Lisa Wheat Courtney Wilder Tanya O’Sullivan
Erin Carey Jodie Nettles Delania Lowman Melissa Willis
Porsha Drummond Adrian Pumell Sally Palmer Julie Rolfe
Saige Steinmetz K.K Matheny Amy Jocque Stevie Morgan
Mikayla Wingle Chantal Letts

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  1. Troy Whigham

    That photo isn’t from the Breeze try-outs. I was there and it was held indoors, and none of the players were dressed that way. On the upside, I think they tapped the right players; I see some familiar names on that list. The Breeze picked up some great talent at the combine. Way to go, ladies!

  2. Tiffani Powers

    Yay girls!! I am so excited for you. This year is going to be a time you will never forget. The girls we have on our team from last year are like family, and we are all happy to have you guys make it this far!! Good luck in Mini Camp! Get Rest.. Eat Healthy.. Drink lots of water!!
    <3 Tiffani #12

  3. laney

    im so excited but im the little secret weapon!!!!!i cant wait for mini camp!!!!!! goodluck ladys

  4. Katrina

    Congratulations Porsha. I am so proud of you! Good Luck to all of you girls and enjoy the camp!

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