Congratulations to the 2010 Miami Caliente draft picks. The Caliente Training camp starts on July 17th.

Kelly Marquardt Cameron Clark Alyssa Ramsey Tara Cochran
Yari Blanco Alexis Carswell Ashley Helmstetter Sharline Cadet
Nina Smith Etta Paul Amanda Sullivan Megan Loboda
Jessica Nelson Summer Weissing Jazmin Sanchez Annik Nayler

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  1. Troy Whigham

    The real story here is the absence of Kristi Goldsholle from the list. That speaks volumes for the talent that showed up at the Miami Caliente try-outs. The physical skills will be at camp; let’s just hope the rookies can learn the game. If they do, I’m looking for Miami to come out scoring early and often!

  2. Kristi Goldsholle

    Thanks Troy!! I had a blast at the tryouts. Maybe I’ll try out next year…. I’ll be back!! :)

  3. annonymous

    so totally tru! tryouts were awful the worst girls were given second chances when star players were just ignored. miami calientes will suck once again this up coming year thanx to perverted coaches wanting white skinny barbie girls

  4. annonymous

    women ages ranging 30+ were picked very sexy coach! Cant wait to see what fans that brings.

  5. Hank

    First off, Kristi Goldsholle is AWESOME and should have made the TEAM! She is a Personal Trainer. Also you need to have a running game or Tampa and Philly will be dancing all over you! Dixon and Turley and Tina are Tight, but you need more speed!

  6. Kristi Goldsholle

    Miami will NOT be kick out of the league… There were some BAD ASS chicks out there… They are in for a FANTASTIC season!

  7. alexis

    those of u with negative comments keep em to yourself. tryouts were awesome and the girls that performed made it to the second round. dnt b bitter there are tryouts again in july! :) so glad i made first cuts. this team seems like a bunch of cool chicks and raw skill!

  8. JJ

    That list definitely could use girls with more skill. As commented earlier, girls with speed and skill were completely overlooked! Who knows what the coaches were thinking when they made this line up…Miami won’t get cut, but they definitely won’t win the championships. Maybe next July the coaches will actually recognize talent and pay less attention to sex appeal.

  9. Tara Cochran

    I am HONORED to be among the ladies picked for mini-camp. From what I saw, the talent pool is deep here in Miami and I look forward to BIG things from all of the ladies picked.I love all of the haters too – you all just fuel my fire. GO CALIENTE!!!

  10. Mom

    U have the total package. Quicker than the eye. Strong as an ox. Pretty as a picture. Sweeter than tupalo honey. Mean as a bag of snakes.A lady in Scholar.Intrepid. Spontanious. Sharp as a tack. Brick house.Winner. Let me know if U need 2 know anything else about this young lady.

  11. Kenny

    i disagree anonymous. the lfl already has enough ugly beasts, we dont need to see anymore welfare moms on the team. we dont need to see butchy bulldykes either. skinny babri=bie doll types are okay as long as they can play or be taught to be good football players. LFL is about attractive and good. attractive and great. not hideous and manly and good, not okay looking and great. you need it all. if you want gigantic overweight unattractive pigs they already have a league for that in most cities. its the WFL (i think) they where full pads helmet and it’s like watching fat people in slow motion run into a pile of other fatsos every play. it’s boring. the LFL has speed and athletisism. They just need to not sink their standards, make the quarters longer and throw the dam ball longer. make a 6 game season. cut the uglies. and this league is back to being the shit.

  12. cynthia

    kenny I bet you are one of the guys in the stands that the girls wish were muscular and cute, not divorced for being a drunk and nasty looking. there is a barbie doll in the new toy story 3 movie if you want to see barbie dolls you PERV!

  13. Derek

    Cynthia – you and a lot of other girls on here seem to be confused or dillusional. The LFL is a business. It’s about marketing. It’s about filling the stands. Ticket sales. That’s what keeps this going. It’s not some sort of recreational league that is free to the public. Kenny is right and even if he was some nasty looking drunk he’s still one of the guys BUYING A TICKET! Here’s the real simple breakdown: It’s called the Lingerie Football League. Do you think Victoria Secret is going to start putting ugly girls in their ads to sell more lingerie? Get a clue and get over your insecurities.

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