THROWING INTO THE FUTURE, by Andrew Frackowski, LFL360

Lisa Fyfe is a former State League netball player who is fighting to be the first quarterback for Adelaide’s dynamic new sporting franchise, Adelaide Arsenal. At 188cm (6″2’), this circle defender on the netball court Fyfe has made a quick transition from the round ball to the unique spiral shaped pigskin.
The decision to make the move from Netball to Women’s Gridiron was one that interested Fyfe .
“I had previously seen women’s gridiron on TV and being a sports addict was fascinated by the concept,” Fyfe explained.
“I’m a natural at most sports, particularly ball sports and also grew up with boys so I’m used to the rough and tumble.
“Kicking around a footy – riding dirt bikes, all that kind of stuff – I felt nature of the game really suited me and my personality.”
Chosen by Adelaide Arsenal Head Coach Darryl Scaife to try out as the quarterback Fyfe understands the pressure and importance of the role along with the fact it is one of the most glorified and scrutinised positions on the team.
“As a Quarterback you are not only ‘the general’ of the offence, you are leading the group into the game,” She continued.
“You have to know your role plus everyone else’s; call the plays and make some big decisions.
“We have been working hard on my passing technique and that is getting better every day. “I’m confident in my athletic ability, so it’s about trusting myself and working hard to know every play”.
The squad started their first training session back on May 3 and have since been training more than six hours a week in preparation for the season opener in October, quite a different training schedule and structure from what Fyfe is used too with netball, but she is enjoying the challenge.
“I am thoroughly enjoying training, both the physical side and the theory side,” Fyfe smiled.
“For me at the moment the challenge is the mind game.
“We have a great group of coaches who are absolute experts so learning from them is incredible”.
The coaching staff include team boss Scaife identified Fyfe early in the pre-season schedule.
“Fyfe has something, it’s early but she’s got a lot of potential in this sport,” Scaife stated.
With the season kick just over three months away, Fyfe knows there is still a lot of work to do in her quest to be Adelaide Arsenal’s first quarterback.
“I’ll continue week in, week out to perfect my technique, not just the spiral ball but general quarterback movement,” she claimed.
“I’m always working on my strength and conditioning and of course studying our ‘play’ book.
She already has a professional ethos from her netball days and is constantly working or improving on something” Fyfe said.
The excitement is building for Adelaide’s newest sporting franchise.
All their Legend Football League (LFL) fixtures will be telecast on Channel 7Mate, the team will also travel interstate to play against the New South Wales Surge (2013/14 champions), Victoria Maidens, Western Australia Angels and Queensland Brigade.
Adelaide Arsenal’s home games are to be played at Coopers Stadium, the same venue as Hyundai A League soccer club, Adelaide United.
Fyfe is confident the proud sporting state of South Australia will support them in their debut LFL season.
“Adelaide has a great sporting community that I believe will get behind us – I would say most people have never watched a LFL game,” she concluded.
“I can’t wait for October to roll around and we can show Adelaide and the nation what we have been working on.
“I’m excited to be a part of something that I can see is going to go big in Australia.
“We are going to be playing in front of thousands of people on National TV in the fastest growing sport in the world with an awesome group of girls, what more could you want?”