This summer is the start of something new and exciting in Australia and it is bound to raise a few eye brows. Perhaps you have heard of it on TV or social media. It is called the Legends Football League.

Yes, that’s right. It’s a new sport. Know doubt you have seen photos of the athletes and jumped to a few conclusions. Please do not judge a book by its cover; as the story goes much deeper.

This is a League for Women. It is based on American football which is all about skill, power and talent. Yes it is true that the girls wear tight fitting uniforms. Look around the world at women’s sport in general. Beach volleyball, athletics, basketball, netball, gymnastics, and surf lifesaving the list goes on. They are all competing for the viewing audience and to do that they look to ways to create an impact and catch your eye.

Now that the LFL has your attention it is worth having a closer look inside. Get past the glitz and glamour and pull back the curtains to reveal the commitment and determination of the women of the gridiron.

The Legends Football League kicks off in Australia on 7th December at Centrebet Stadium in Penrith which is home to The Penrith Panthers in the National Rugby League. This summer it will be the home to the New South Wales Surge. And knowing these determined girls they will be striving to turn it into a fortress.

First up is a game against the Queensland Brigade. That’s right it is a State of Origin battle. And wouldn’t we love to finally get one over those annoying Queenslanders after all the years of pain we have had to endure.

The Surge is a team that have become a family. They have been training together for over 18 months and in that time they have formed a strong bond that is evident at every training session. The cohesion is really coming together and the courage the team show with the big hits and blocking techniques is worth the price of admission!

Look past the attractive exterior and you will find a team that deserves our recognition. These athletes have put in the hard yards for most of their lives. Each girl has come from a sporting background where they have excelled at the highest level.

A quick glance at a few CV’s will show you a national champion in freestyle wrestling, Olympic cyclist, state basketball player, national baseball pitcher, state athletes, champion rodeo rider, personal fitness trainers and more. Most of these athletes are also holding down full time jobs while a few are doing degrees at University in Commerce and Applied Science.

On the training field these women show true grit and stamina in everything they do. The energy at every session is full on and done with purpose. The Surge girls are both physically and mentally strong. They have put in the countless hours of training to be where they are today. This is a sport that they have learnt from the ground up and now love with passion and pride.

It is now up to the general public to get behind them and show their support. The girls have shown real tenacity and drive to make sure they give it their all once they run out onto the field come December. We need to show them that all the hard work they have done through out their sporting careers has a purpose and that we appreciate the years of training they have all endured to be where they are today.

As Australians we love our sport and there is nothing better than getting one over the opposition. It is now time to book your tickets and argue with the husband or boyfriend as to who will be driving home from the game after we shout and cheer the roof down once the mighty New South Wales Surge claim victory against those brash annoying Queenslanders on the 7th December.

Can New South Wales count on you?