(GOLD COAST, Queensland – Thursday, January 8, 2015)

LFL Oceania officials continue to amass experienced individuals across coaching and football operations. Julian Leonard of Queensland, Australia has been named Director of Officiating for the 2015 / 16 season of LFL Oceania.

“As we approach our second season in Australia, the emphasis has been solely on how we can improve the product on the field. We have taken the first major step towards that goal by hiring on more experienced coaches, now we want to elevate our officiating by bringing on someone who has a passion for the art of officiating”, said Mitchell Mortaza, Managing Partner, LFL Oceania.

Leonard has an existing familiarity with the LFL game, having been selected as an exclusive group of referees to officiate the 2012 LFL All-Star Games Tour in Sydney and Brisbane as well as the 2013 season Queensland Brigade home matches.

“I am thankful and honored to be entrusted with such a vital role by league officials. My goal will be to seek out the best officials for our game and to consistently grade our officiating to maintain a superior level of performance. LFL Oceania has become the biggest stage in gridiron in Australia and soon New Zealand, our athletes, coaches and teams deserve the best in our officials”, said Julian Leonard.

Leonard will begin the process of interviewing select officials in each State to determine the best (4) four officials for each crew in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. In 2015, LFL Oceania games will be extended to (10) ten minute quarters and increase the total allocated timeouts to (2) per half. The rules committee which will include Leonard will determine several other potential rule changes such as giving a team backed up inside their 10yd line, the opportunity to punt the football.